For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By bugster_de
As detailed in this post my car has no TPS sensor and would need to relay on MAP only.
After doing some evenings / nigh shifts in analyzing the code and fiddling with it, I found out, that MAP based support is lacking some features:
- MAP based Accell enrichment. Today only based on TPS. Or to be more specific: MAPdot based enrichment
- Baro correction for fuel and ignition especially when using a second sensor for baro

Would really be lovely.
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Speeduino is not doing this?
TunerStudio wrote:By Default, Speeduino will measure barometric pressure upon startup. Optionally however, a 2nd pressure sensor can be used to perform live barometric readings whilst the system is on.
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bugster_de wrote:
Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:43 am
- MAP based Accell enrichment. Today only based on TPS. Or to be more specific: MAPdot based enrichment
Other than changing the text from TPS to MAP, what other changes would you make if simply jumping MAP signal to TPS input?
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By bugster_de

thank you for the prompt reply !

adopting the namings looks like a workable solution. I'll fiddle around with the TunerStudio ini file and have one of my mates play with the system; but I assume, that will be workable!

I can't use a TPS, as this is gong into 1970s VW Campervans. Those cars have no TPS and no easy way to install any. Our cars are still today used for what they are intended for: go camping. My car is seeing >10.000km of operation per year in sometimes harsh environments. Hence any stuff on the car must be working. On top, the cars are registered as historcial cars giving you a bunch of benefits here in Germany and we have MOT every two years. Historical cars are not allowed to have modifications (or max very minor ones, that need to historically correct) as otherwise they will de-register the histrocial registration in MOT. In turn, the injection system on those busses is now 40 years old with sometimes ECU failing. You could use the ECU from an Opel/Vauxhall Manta/Ascona, but that isn't ideal for those engines. On top of things, after 40 years of operation, the MAF is broken on all busses with no replacement part being available. If you find NOS (new old stock), there have a ridiculous price tag (going into the thousands). In all the years of ownership, I have only seen one NOS MAF coming up on ebay globally with the seller asking 2.500,- for it.
So long story short: the plan is to integrate the Speeduino into the existing ECU housing and keeping a (mostly) original engine loom as replacement for the stock ECU and leave the MAF out of operation. That would fix all issues at once and also give us a man's toy to play around with :lol:

This gives an impression: Colle-de-la-Finestre on our way to Strada-Assietta. About 2.000m of altitude in an area, where for sure not repair mechanic will come and help you out. So you fix it with what's inside the campers or you're doomed. :D
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Nice image :)

I was wondering if it is feasible to fit the tsp anywhere else between the pedal and throttle body. Perhaps discretely on the pedal. Or would that present a different set of problems.
By panpan
As the VW engine is in the rear, and the pedal is at the front, there's plenty of room to do something discreet and hidden in-between, especially if the will is there. The funny thing is, there are more than a few historic racers that have outwardly unmodified engines and controls hidden in their cars. :)
By Saabnut
I installed a throttle body from a 914 on my 78 westy, that had TPS (switch type, I believe), I think the current one is a POT type. I have not installed an aftermarket ECU yet. I have a megasquirt 2.2 built, but looking at this as well. I like your thinking, RE: no TPS and had originally planned on implementing it that way with MS.

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