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Would it be possible to modify the code to control safe startup of wideband controllers using a relay or mosfet triggered by speeduino?

Most wideband controllers will go to full heater current when they get power. If the engine is cold and making lots of moisture it stands a chance of destroying the sensor, especially on 4.9 sensors. It would be better to wait to heat the sensor till the engine has been running for ~30 seconds or so.

I propose using an extra digital output to switch the wideband controller on after the engine has been running for ~30 seconds. If possible, it would be nice to have this time delay based on the coolant temperature at startup. If it were coolant based, it would also be nice to have EGO corrections delay time based off the initial controller power delay.

I assume most of this could be done without messing with tunerstudio, but it would be nice to have a way to quickly disable this feature for assistance with tuning WUE, ASE, and similar starting conditions.

Would implementing a feature like this be possible? I've found some relevant code in corrections.ino, but I could use assistance implementing the initial startup delay in a non-interfering way.
Post it up on the Issues & Feature Requests GitHub page! Control could possibly be an action at the end of ASE, e.g., tie it to an existing action for simplicity. The LSU4.9 is much more robust against thermal shock than previous sensors, and we have not seen many failures due to cold-start condensation (even with 'less-capable' controllers and older sensor designs); but perhaps others in different climates, fuels, or situations may.

I would think a test procedure for the user's controller heater function would be appropriate and helpful to guide if delay is necessary or not, and given the (apparent) low number of thermal-shock failures, would be a feature defaulted off until user-tested to confirm it may be necessary or desired. Leaving a sensor completely un-powered in the running exhaust has its own dangers. ;)


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