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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By GhjEng
@RealDashDev and @Dazq... thank you both for getting this over the line. I will have my system wired in by the end of this weekend and will help contribute to the Beta and debugging ...
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By garcia w
Just want to say thank you to "RealDashDev" and "Dazq" for getting the Speeduino added to RealDash.

Yesterday I downloaded the RealDash 1.6.6 Beta for the play store.

I reflashed the Nov firmware to Speeduino
And connected to RealDash via Bluetooth and serial3.

Bluetooth bug:
it's does not hold the connection for long keeps disconnecting.
When it says connecting and finally connects it doesn't say connected I have to check the Bluetooth module to look at the flashing light.

When it drops the connection sometime if disconnected Speeduino power it reconnects sometimes it doesn't. If I choose megasquirt it connects up all good no dropouts.

I quickly test the beta on my phone tonight.
Couldn't get Bluetooth to stay connected long enough. To get a good reading Or a video.

Realtime data from RealDash that I see match with Tunerstudio Gauges:

Coolant ,iat, TPS, battery V, afr
all seems to reads same.

Bugs: 1. at idle RealDash was reading 6500
RPM ,Tunerstudio 500-740 RPM
2. Spark advance RealDash 2°adv,
Tunerstudio 22°adv
3. Map sensor RealDash - no data
Tunerstudio 40kpa
4. Auxin0 RealDash - no data
Tunerstudio Floating value
Disconnected from Bluetooth couldn't get it reconnected .so quickly packed up since it was really cold out in the garage. Anything thing else I can help with testing beta out let me know.

I didn't try serial0 I forget I had bought the app for Windows aswell so I could hook it up to my laptop and test serial connection over the weekend aswell.
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By realdashdev
Thank you for testing, great help! I pushed a very quick update (beta2) to Google Play. That should fix the invalid two byte values (RPM etc), and also show the 'Connected' message.
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By realdashdev
garcia w wrote:
Fri Jan 24, 2020 1:44 am
I didn't try serial0 I forget I had bought the app for Windows aswell so I could hook it up to my laptop and test serial connection over the weekend aswell.
Unfortunately Microsoft does not offer a 'beta' or other kind of pre-release program, so these features are not available in Windows (nor iOS) version yet.
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By garcia w
Downloaded the RealDash beta update just have everything connected up on the bench . To compare the floating value against Tunerstudio.

Everything seems ok and matching up just fine.
Bug fixed: MAP sensor , auxin0 , Bluetooth connected text.
From a cold boot of Speeduino and RealDash it connects via Bluetooth in about 2-3sec and it will hold the connection for as long ever.

I last the app opened and power off Speeduino RealDash searches for connection. power Speeduino back on it connects right away . Multiple times.

Issue: if Speeduino is powered and you closed the app once you reopen RealDash it will not connect back with Speeduino again. Until you close the app power off Speeduino power back on and reopen the app.

I will connected to the car tomorrow and test ,confirm rpm etc . And see if it hold the connect then
Screenshot_20200125-215341.png (45.84 KiB) Viewed 1022 times
IMG_20200125_215356211_MP.jpg (3.77 MiB) Viewed 1022 times
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By realdashdev
Allright, we are making progress! I will try to reproduce the Bluetooth reconnect problem you describe.
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By garcia w
So I did some more testing today on RealDash and Speeduino connected on the car.
So farThings are looking GREAT !
Still 1 bugs I can see

Bug: Spark Advance still showing single digit
Example: 2deg when it 20 or 3 when 30 deg.

Other than that, All reading in pic are matching up and showing just same as Tunerstudio. Also RealDash tacho is very responsive too no lag at all. The Bluetooth held the connection for the whole time until I switched off the car. Once the car was off RealDash started searching for connection, I started car again and it connects right away start display data

As mentioned before with the car running if I closed the app and reopen it , RealDash won't reconnect to Speeduino ,until I shut both down start the car then relaunch the app. Then away it goes.
Pic and vid is from phone so kinda crappy. But it's working great. :D
IMG_20200126_145526279_MP(1).jpg (131.53 KiB) Viewed 993 times
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By realdashdev
garcia w wrote:
Sun Jan 26, 2020 11:32 pm
Bug: Spark Advance still showing single digit
Example: 2deg when it 20 or 3 when 30 deg.
Is this bug present in both serial0 and serial3 connections?
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By garcia w
This morning th car wouldn't start . :x Tunerstudio shows NO RPM while cranking yesterday it started and ran fine. Today No Spark from IGN coils.
After few checks and reflash firmware with no luck. I removed UA4C from the case ,while cranking check LEDs,No crank signal to ecu . Issue: broken crank VR+ wire at ua4c plug.
Crimped it back and all good again :D

So now I can test serial0 totally forgot, I could have tested this days ago all I had to do was unplug Bluetooth from serial3 over to serial0
And serial in RealDash aswell. :idea: sorry guys

Bug: not present on serial0

Both test was at idle back to back 1min between test.

RealDash on serial0 shows
spark Advance 17° it's show 2digits

RealDash on serial3 shows
Spark Advance 2° it's showing 1digit

Didn't have the other tablet with multiple data view today.
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By garcia w
Does any of the BIT STATUS on Speeduino working?
Example: engine , running, warmup, sync,etc ..
And where to fine them?

Also in RealDash is there an option to input you starting Odometer?
Example: RealDash default 000000km
I want to start: RealDash at : 090,201km

How do I do that?
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