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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By dazq
Just to confirm both serial get the data from same source in speedy firmware , a single byte , currentstatus.advance.
I think he said no but status.bits in the beta, but it would be useful for sure.
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By realdashdev
Just uploaded RealDash 1.6.7-beta4 to Play store. Fixes:

- Spark Advance now displays correctly on both serial connections.
- The re-connect problem described earlier is now fixed.

Still todo:
- Status bit value parsing & linking to inputs.
- Option to use custom ini file.
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By realdashdev
garcia w wrote:
Mon Jan 27, 2020 7:18 pm
Also in RealDash is there an option to input you starting Odometer?
Go to the Garage, tap the top bar (with car name) and set the Odometer value into parameters on the right side list.
By ric355
realdashdev wrote:
Tue Jan 28, 2020 9:17 am
Could someone explain how error codes are packed into the 'errors' byte (byte 74)?
As far as I am aware the error reporting system is not actually being used anywhere in the firmware. To put it another way, there are no calls to the function SetError() anywhere in the source code as far as I can see, and there are no other places where the errorCodes[] array is assigned to.

But this is probably what you're looking for;

struct packedError
byte errorNum : 2;
byte errorID : 6;

As to how it works, the principle is that there are two values involved. The 'current error number' (errorNum) and the 'current error code' (errorID). The current error number acts as an index into an array of error codes internally, which is just 4 entries long. The idea is that any one of these 4 slots can be assigned an error code. The ECU then cycles through each of the entries in that array reporting the packederror entry from it on the serial feed as a single byte in byte 74. This is decoded by the log viewer and you would see that it always decodes to the pattern (0,0) (1,0) (2,0) (3,0). It looks like the error index being reported is changed once per second.


Frankly, I'd just ignore it.
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By realdashdev
Thank you all for helping me out to implement the Speeduino support to RealDash!

I believe I have all the info I need to reliably test the implementation on our simulator. I will probably push 1.6.7 out by the end of this week.

BTW: I did implement the error code system and ability to read error codes from RealDash. If you someday add this functionality to Speeduino firmware, RealDash will show check engine light and read error codes as per current spec.
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By realdashdev
RealDash 1.6.7 is now pushed to Play store. Other platforms will follow as soon as they pass review. I also opened a Speeduino specific discussion on our forum. Let me know in case of problems or suggestions.
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By garcia w

Bug fixed: Spark Advance (serial3)

Is fixed in the 1.6.7 beta ,it now reads correctly.
I test try the "Running" STATUS and it's works.

I did tried out "cranking" STATUS aswell but it showed "running".

Please ignore: these STATUS test.
as I don't think all the settings in speeduino are correct.
Example I think I had set my cranking and running rpm pretty low when I was trying to get the car start the other day. Which is probably why it didn't show "cranking"

I will better test everything once I get the headunit I bought or when the weather gets a little warmer. this weekend -2C° and ice rain.
Most importantly:
"Big THANK YOU to RealDashDev" for promptly getting this sorted for us.
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By Rob123456789

Has anyone been able to get this to work on an iphone or ios device?

I have ordered a HC-06 bluetooth module and just found out that these won't connect to iphones because they use a different bluetooth protocol. I'm planning to get a HM-10 bluetooth module that uses bluetooth 4 / BLE and therefore should be able to connect to an iphone. Is there any reason this won't work with speeduino or real dash?

The real dash app on iphone has an option to connect to a speeduino using bluetooth or wifi. Would a wifi module be a better option?

By dazq
The connection interface doesnt matter as long as it is transparent and does not tamper/alter the data protocol
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