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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
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By Dan19030
I've been researching digital dashes for quite some time. It seems the usual way is via raspberry pi using tuner studio or ms droid. Having an older car without obd makes using something like this to replace an older dash that much harder to make something unique. I've stumbled across "real dash" app which seems to do just about anything that you could possibly want a dash to do. Even GPS Speedo, odometer, trip, maps. You could even integrate it for warning lights etc. Currently speeduino isn't compatible although MS is but even with the speeduino ini I can't get it to connect. I really think that this app would make a great complimentary addition to speeduino. I'm not sure what is involved in making it compatible but the company seem open to discussing the addition. Thoughts?
By noisymime
You'd probably need to reach out to the Real Dash developer to see if they can find why their app isn't parsing the ini or connecting. if it supports MS3 type units (which it looks to) then it shouldn't be a significant amount of work at all.

Do you get any error messages or anything when trying to connect?
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By Dan19030
I don't get any error codes, it just says "connecting" but doesn't connect. I assumed as MS is supported then this would work, unfortunately this is where I start to get out of depth. My firmware is April 2017 so not sure if a later version would work.
By dazq
What serial port are you connecting real dash to?
By noisymime
Dan19030 wrote:My firmware is April 2017 so not sure if a later version would work.
I'd strongly suggest trying a new firmware if you can. There have been countless changes since then, including to some of the serial comms.
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By Dan19030
I'm trying to connect via Bluetooth. I've been using the car daily recently so haven't been brave enough to change anything on the ECU. I won't be using the car next week so I'll update it at the weekend and hopefully it will connect.
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By brunob45
I recently found that RealDash app too, and it looks promising! For the connection, I found why it doesn't work: it uses the MS2 format for the realtime data ('a' request), which is not the same as the Speeduino/MS3 format ('A' request). I will work on adding a handler for the 'a' request later in the week.
You can see the different formats in this spec sheet ... -10-28.pdf
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By realdashdev

I'm one of the developers of RealDash app, and thought to chime in for a discussion.

RealDash uses the old legacy 'a' protocol when there is no INI file loaded for the connection. This was done to get 'something' working even without Megasquirt ini file, since we do not have access to ini file server and to our understanding we are not allowed to serve the ini files since they are proprietary of Megasquirt developers.

If you import the ini file in connection settings, then the new serial protocol is used, based on information parsed from ini file.
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By brunob45
I've tried loading the megasquirt compatible speeduino.ini file into Real Dash, but it was still using the legacy protocol.
The file is available at ... eduino.ini.
I will still continue to work on the legacy protocol support for speeduino.
Great work with Real Dash, I'm really looking forward to using it this summer!
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