For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By Hasse.69
@ Panpan, which sensors?
By Hasse.69
@ Panpan, which sensors?
By panpan
@LAV1000 Yes, suits the small scale economics and easy to develop, plus the position is critical to getting the sensor to work with a cam lobe or gear tooth, so the accuracy and flexibility of the process is well matched. OEM Virago sensor will work for OP, as long as he processes the VR signal with conditioner board, but just posted this, because not many people know how good these are, and how small you can go and still have adequate resolution. It might open up some other options.
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By Lenny
ok, so news for today, made a quick connect of my other speeduino v0.3 in place of TCI, set to odd fire, disty trigger, wasted spark on audi COP, worked fine.

Now all is left is to make a proper trigger wheel, assemble NO2C, tidy wiring up and set the thing up properly.

I'm a little surprised with how simple is this ECU to set up
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Lenny wrote:
Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:20 pm
I'm a little surprised with how simple is this ECU to set up
Awesome! :mrgreen: Indeed, Speedy is like most capable aftermarket ECMs, in that there is an enormous amount of info due to the wide capabilities. If you can clear the clutter of info to only what you need for your project—it gets pretty simple. Post photos!


[EDIT] Ha! You beat me to it. Thanks for the pics!
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