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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By dazq
fram wrote:
Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:43 pm
Could we go for a dedicated Serial port for Bluetooth module? Serial 2 maybe?
The goal is to have a hardwired serial 0 to the USB, and a hardwired serial 2 to bluetooth module.

Firmware will check first Serial 0 , and then secondly will check serial 2 for serial com.
Is it make sense for next PCB/Firmware revision?
Serial 2 is in use by the stepper module in vo4 boards , it is free on vo3 as STD but if you add the stepper it is connected to those pins again.

You can connect a Bluetooth module to serial3 if you modify the ts ini file slightly.although you can't use the serial3 io extensions if you use it for Bluetooth
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Hopefully, future board designs will cut power to the BT module (disconnect) when USB is connected. Simple mod, but hacky to retrofit. Likewise, an upload auto-reset circuit/code mod function to automate BT firmware uploading. Firmware updates can be done manually through BT now, but automating would make it simple and make BT (or GPRS, UHF, LoRa, WiFi, satellite, etc.) as invisible as USB for all operations.

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By AyobamiFakunle
Don't know where to put this: how about rpm limiting by fuel cut for those with fuel only installation..presently the only option I see is spark cut for limiting max engine rpm
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AyobamiFakunle wrote:
Fri Dec 22, 2017 6:00 pm
Don't know where to put this: how about rpm limiting by fuel cut for those with fuel only installation..presently the only option I see is spark cut for limiting max engine rpm
Ayobami, fuel cut as a limiter can be done various ways now, such as by configuring one of your outputs to operate an injector power relay or power transistor. For example, the VVT output can be set to zero (0 or off) everywhere below 6000 rpm, and 100 (on) above that. The relay would be set up so it conducts when not activated, and opens when activated. Bingo. Injectors work normally all the time, but lose power above 6000 rpm.

VVT On As Switch.jpg
VVT On As Switch.jpg (40.68 KiB) Viewed 7022 times
VVT Off Below 6000.jpg
VVT Off Below 6000.jpg (102.39 KiB) Viewed 7022 times
[EDIT] Added to clarify hardware wiring for this example:
Injector-Cut__Relay_Wiring_sm.jpg (46.97 KiB) Viewed 7014 times
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By mpex2006km
Hello, I am reposting from my original thread.

I want to convert my car from the original Bosch MP 9 ecu to speeduino.The only problem that I seem to have is that the OEM trigger design has an Optical sensor on the distributor with four teeth. One tooth is 6 degrees longer and that marks the #1 cylinder and to be exact the 72 degrees BTDC.

Yours Kostas
By NickZ
the system will support a narrowband O2 sensor, have a look in the calibrations for O2.
Its just not the best to use as the sensor has only a limited voltage range.
By hannded
The programmable outputs would solve a lot of issues like regarding A/C on older cars, shift-lights, Malfunction indicator light and stuff people wanna do but don't know how to program. A wizard-like tool where you define the parameters you would like to read from somewhere (a rpm, a temp, a state of something) and write elsewhere (a value or a state), with or without a logical level to select(And, OR, single function).
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