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By turtana
So long story short, i have 1.2v ofset on the batery voltage.
Is the any easy way of calibrating the batery voltage mesurment.

I think this would be very helpful on the calibration page, the value afects most of the calculations.
By turtana
byte battery10; //The current BRV in volts (multiplied by 10. Eg 12.5V = 125)

well seems to be more easy to make the adjustment manually than on the code, atleast with my skils.
if i undestand it correct it´s "hardwired" to the base code it self. so no easy fix.
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If you want to correct manually, either correct to read actual measured voltage at the Speeduino 12V input in TunerStudio by replacing one or both of the BRV circuit resistors (R7 and R21 on the v0.4.x). Or, remove those resistors and insert a 5k potentiometer, then adjust until the volt meter and gauge match. :arrow: It is important to verify that there is no actual system voltage offset, such as from a poor ground or connection. Test this by using a meter directly on the battery terminals and then on the Speeduino board terminals. The voltages should match exactly. If not — fix that first. ;)

By turtana
well i think my lab powresuply is good

one gets more acurate reading if the voltage to the bat input is taken before the diode on the regulator side of +12v.
the calculated resistor array output of 2.44v +- the serial resistor and arduino input impedance i think the diode distorts the voltage by 0.5-0.7v and gets multiplied to 1.2v in the end.

so a more simple solution is to take account the diode and use a 3.6kohm resistor rather than the 3.9k

or start looking in to making calibration by software possible

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