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By runesm
Feature request:
A simple form of afr safety, so you dont blow your engine if a pump or an injector fails.
Setup would be something like:
1: Above X kpa
2: Above X tps
3:Afr not below X
4: X seconds
Cycle some ignition cuts so the driver feels somethings wrong AND/OR turn of boost control/lower boost
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I would suggest at least one optional response be a simple activation of a selectable output or pin. With that I can do any number of things, from cutting ignition outputs, to dumping boost, to simply flashing a dash light or honking the horn :o :lol:, and many more actions. An override input would also be nice to stop the response in order to allow normal or reasonable limp-home, e.g., if the O2 sensor dies or other error.

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