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By runesm
I know the hard times i am about to put on my engine. No worries about that. I get that you want to protect people from doing stupid stuff. But after all, this is a standalone engine management, some stupid stuff is going to happen.
Can we get past the disclaimers and onto the technical question at hand, since i clearly am missing it here?
Or can i atleast get a pm with a guiding hand?
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@runesm, I appreciate your position, and I really am not trying to be an ass, nor am I trying to protect you. Seriously. In order to get the results you want, you must understand the various functions, settings, and configurations and consider how they would affect ALS operation in your specific application. This is for best performance and results, not even avoiding damage or injury. You already stated the effects you are after, and we can't teach you everything about how to set it all up and what effects each function or adjustment could make for best operation — any more than make you a race driver by telling you to push on the pedal things and turn the steering wheel when you get to a corner. ;)

So, I hope you understand, that for us to help you effectively is only to point you in the direction you want to go. You have to take it from there to understand this system, make the concept connections from what you want to how you could or prefer to accomplish it, and with that new understanding finally make it do what you want and need it to do. That may not be the answer you want to hear, but it's where I'm coming from. If you want an ALS config section in TunerStudio for easier access, you could also post a feature request including the parameters, functions, and adjustments you would require for your application. A bounty incentive can also be placed on it for quicker results if you like. I hope that helps.

By runesm
I appreciate the clarification.

I know the functions of both flatshift and launchcontrol, and none can be transferred to the use that i have for proper antilag (off-throttle, for instance under decceleration). If i am missing some key point though that allow the use i need/want for it, i would really really like you, if you have the time, to point it out to me.

What i was after was exactly a ALS config section with for instance ignition targets/rpm, idlevalve adder (or fixed opening duty), and fueling adder.

As for your comment about feature request, i am under the very impression, that i posted in exactly the right subsection of the forum for it :) As for the bounty, i am not able to put in such a commitment at current time.
By runesm
I know as of now i can make a workaround of sorts, moving the 1wire idle valve over to the vvt output, and using the table to open the idlevalve on full vacuum, and just use the ve and ignition table to get the desired results, but as the car has other uses than full on track attack, it would be nice to have it on a switch.
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Feature requests have evolved a bit for better handling of many requests. In addition to what you did here, I'd suggest posting an issue on the GitHub Issues and Feature Requests page. Others can add or refine by comments there. Add a bounty if you like, as described here. I am a performance technician, not a code wizard, and so I'm not eligible for bounties. I find ways to apply the code, improve the code for application, or just help people use the code the coders create. No bounties or perks for me, so I'm not pushing it for any gain on my end.

I see you thinking. ;) You are on the right track (well, one possible track), so consider that VVT can be selected for ALS-idle-range TPS and RPM, plus VVT can be used ON/OFF, that a high-flow valve can be ON/OFF (use an air restriction as necessary instead of PWM to avoid wonky behavior in variable high vac/boost flows), that Launch can be selected High/Float, and . . . well, you'll see it. I would use a panel/dash or E-brake handle switch (or both) to interrupt/enable the high signal from the valve output to clutch input in order to select normal/ALS idle, but that's an option for you to decide. Post your videos of delight or destruction. :lol:

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