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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By runesm
Anti-lag for use off-throttle, in a "simple" strategy;
Open up the idle-valve, wildly retard the ignition, add quite some fuel
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ALS is already possible using Speeduino; but some understanding of the functions is required. If you look at the features you'll see how it's rather simple to do for someone familiar with ALS, who would also know how easy it is to damage the engine and the turbo. ;) We (I) do not advertise the methods for this reason. If you know what you're doing, review Speeduino Accessory features, and you'll quickly see how to do it. :twisted: If you already have the hardware necessary for ALS — go have some fun!


PS: Do a search for posts and threads, and there's at least one video of a Speeduino user on the track with ALS active from a couple years ago.
By runesm
I know its very detrimental, that is secondary though. Can you help me find any of the things you just described? Searching ALS only points my in the direction of my own post, and where do i find litterature about the accessory features?
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The simplest approach is likely to just review the available settings and functions in TunerStudio. ;) Open the Base Tune file in the Speeduino download package with TunerStudio, and it should ask if you want to create a temporary project, and for it to load the ini file for you. If this does not function as-expected; start a project, load the latest Speeduino ini file into File > Vehicle Projects > Project Properties > Configuration > Frimware, and have a look at your options, especially under the Accessories tab.

By runesm
Based on the only slightly related i have in that tab is launch/flatshift which is very different strategies
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Describe your strategy. I assumed it was throttle closed, air valve open, retard, and added fuel (with optional rolling cut?), enabled with a switch.

By runesm
Exactly. Launch is full throttle, flatshift is full throttle. I do not have an ALS option under accessories in my june firmware ini.
There isn't actually a 'Destroy my engine' button! Why would there be?

The features are there should you decide to go down this route.
By theonewithin
runesm wrote:
Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:32 am
Exactly. Launch is full throttle, flatshift is full throttle. I do not have an ALS option under accessories in my june firmware ini.
Your not going to find one.

As PSIG has said though if you are familiar with ALS you should be able to work out how to do it with what is available.

There is just to much risk involved for it to be a simple and easy option to enable.

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