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By atntpt
Hi, is it possible to change the number of impulses that the decoder expects from cam? In my case I wanted to make a mx5 with a FM 36-2 wheel work fully seq but the cam makes 3 uneven spaced pulses 720º instead of one.. I tried to look to the code but completely out of my knowledge .. Is it a simple change of a variable counter value ? (I also have a 2 pulse even spaced from rear cam where the CAS used to be if it's easier)
The difficulty here is that the cam signal is used to determine the engine phase. With a 3 pulse cam signal (unlike a single pulse), you need to be doing some form of decoding to figure this out based on the relative timing of those pulses.

With the 4G63 pattern this would be possible, but it's not a trivial task as that pattern is designed to have pulses on the cam that are relative to those on the crank.

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