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By The_Boss
Hi how can i set this up in speedy please help no place for ext trigger wheel :?: Thax
Thunderace_FZR1000_crankshafts.jpg (95.06 KiB) Viewed 742 times
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Help me with some basic information. Does it use 1 or 2 sensors now? What do the sensor(s) read? The outer holes? Inner hole? What is the direction of rotation in the photo? IIRC, the RZ reads the 7 holes and relief, and also has a cam sensor, but I don't know if they're all like that.

By The_Boss
Thanx for the reply it has got only one vr sensor facing the holes dead on it rotate ccw this is what i found ... 00#p212566 looks like some special code needed this sucks i rely want to use the crank trigger do not want to bolt on a bunch of extras on the side of the bike and want speedy to run it my Campro is still going like a charm on speedy
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Yes, that would be in the "signature" tooth family, with one tooth or gap longer or shorter than the rest. It might be possible for @noisymime to write the equivalent of an 8+1 decoder for it. As all the images in your linked thread are missing, we would need to verify the timing of the leading edges are actually even. You could also confirm that with dividers or protractor to measure the leading and trailing edges fo the holes and relief. Otherwise, there are many trigger systems using signature sync, and it's on @noisymime's to-do list for creating a more universal solution for all these various versions of it.

Alternatives in the meantime are filling one hole (create a 'missing' tooth), or add 7 more holes (16-1), or add a rev sensor (such as the edge notch at about 9 o'clock in the photo, or keyway, or bolt/screw head, or crank counterweight, etc.), or add some form of cycle sensor on a 2:1 reduction gear, timing gear, cam, rocker arm, intake valve, etc. A missing-tooth or rev sensor would allow batch and wasted-spark, while a cycle sensor would allow independent cylinder fuel and spark, if that matters to you.

By The_Boss
Thanks will see what i can mod don't want to go external for it will be a Street Fighter try to keep it clean :D its naked :lol: my crank is still in the bike that is a image from the net maybe i can plug up the big milled section and try 8-1
By panpan
Apologies for raising this old thread, but those are my crankshafts in the picture. I did get some MS Extra code written for this in 2011 or so, but I'm looking at getting this sorted into my Speeduino stuff. I have a milled copy of this crankshaft pattern somewhere, that I used in a bench drill to test the code. I think I actually made two and posted one to the MSExtra guy in the UK.

There is no camshaft sensor on this engine, but the crank pattern is the same for FZR1000, FZR750, and FZ700 as well as my Thunderace (YZF1000) engine. Is it an easy ask to create a trigger decoder for this type of "wheel"?


PS @The_Boss 8-1 won't work, and you'll struggle to mod that crankshaft. :)
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