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By mk1manno
Hi All,
I was looking to setup speeduino on an N15 almera as a first project and have scoped the distributor pattern and attached it below. It has four evenly spaced windows with one extra small window after one. I would like to see if this pattern can be used and also if you can tell me in what config (Is it only batch firing on injection as nissan workshop manual describes both batch on starting and then sequential how ever on my car this same signal trigger goes to both cam and crank pin at factory ECU. The workshop manual also describes a 360 and 4 sensor setup however this is not the case with my distributor. In this case i will also experiment on this car and try to change the trigger setup but would like to run as per factory first. Is this possible with this setup?
almera scope.PNG
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By User.Unknown
I also have a N15 Pulsar/Almera and it is fitted with a SR20DE N/A motor with distributor.
Another member has a SR20VE also.
We all appear to have the same trigger pattern.
Speeduino does not natively support our trigger wheel although with alterations to the decoders.ino it will sync and can use sequential injection with single ignition.
The other member has managed to get his to the state of a daily driver, I although have not yet.
My setup will start and idle, however it idles low and is non drivable as it stalls under any throttle.
I am in the process of recording the output patterns and timing of the OEM ECU and the Speeduino to compare as I believe I have an issue with my tables and possibly some other settings.
I have used my own configuration as well as the other member's configuration but still having the same issue.
Prior to this I have no experience with tuning.

Do you have the SR20 or the GA18?

Happy to assist with anything I can.

By User.Unknown
Check out my thread (yes I realised later I posted it in the wrong section)
And also have a look at Matt's thread

I believe if you have the GA18 and the same trigger wheel as ours, the modified decoder.ino should help out.

When it comes to the rest of the configuration, I can't say what would work as stated earlier, my setup isn't drivable, however I would think that the basic configuration of Matt's with some alterations to your specific engine should at least get it to start.

Also, if your service manual states 360/1 as mine does AND the trigger wheel in fact matches ours (there are 360 little slits around the outside) then there appears to be two wires from each sensor to the ECU, that's two for the crank and two for the CAM.
On my ECU connector, the crank is on one side of the dividing notch of the pins and the CAM is directly on the other side.
An example is one signal is on both pins 22 & 30 (one behind the other) and the other signal is on 31 & 40 (again, one behind the other).

I found that after checking many times, the pin defined as CAM and crank for the Nissan 360 decoder was not actually correct for my car and was actually opposite. This was verified by using a digital signal analyser, the FSM, wiring diagrams and the fact that until I changed them, I had bo sync or RPM no matter what else I changed.
This may be a unique problem to the SR equipped Series II N15, or it may also be something that I just could not get my head around with the logo and information I had gathered, however I cannot confirm either way and Matt never stated if he had the same issue.

I have the SR/GA manual and can have a look for you if you let me know what area of the globe the car was originally delivered and the motor fitted.

Sorry I haven't added any helpful attachments, I'm not currently at home.

By mk1manno
Hi Lads,
Thanks for the reply's, In this case as I am only learning the car I have has a GA14 engine(cheap and don't mind if I break).
In my case my trigger wheel only has one group of windows for the signal and the same signal goes to cam and crank pins on orginal ECU this is where I have scoped the signals I have attached. In my case I would just get the 24-1 trigger wheel only my hall sensor is only reading single windows. Is there another distributor I could get to fit this engine(off another model that I can use?). I have attached a picture to show my trigger wheel.
N15 trigger.JPG
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By rjdsx
mk1manno wrote:
Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:09 am
Is there any information on what is needed to create decoders or is this very advanced?
hi mk1manno, did you find the answer to your issue, i have the same type of nissan cas in a ga16dne engine.

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