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For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By pazi88
That kind of hardware solutions could be used of course, but if you start to mess with the hardware, why not upgrade directly to teensy or stm32F407 which have the necessary extra timers to do 8x8 sequential. Code should be there already but I haven't got my hands on to either one yet to actually test.

Regarding the 6x6 sequential using mega, the injection and ignition side using timers works great, but you need to choose if you wan't to have igntion or injection sequential. I also have that mentioned software trickery to run ignition sequentially with 3 timers, but I have only got it working like 95%. Tried many things but still there is always some combination that causes wrong behavior. So I can't say it's finished. For now the 6-cyl sequential injection and Wasted COP mode has worked great in 6x6 board design.
By Rocket
Well I think hardware like this is very cheap and simple, if it will work accurately, cylinder count will be not a problem, so any speeduino board with small additional board could control for example v12 engine. Vems ecu use i think atmega128 and everything is made in hardware and works well. Most better UC is 3.3V and I'm quite worry about of their resistance to noise. of course additional functions like can bus are very beneficial.

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