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By kaighn80
Is there a way to duplicate the vvt functionality? I’m going to be using that and nos on my st200 v6t
By dazq
kaighn80 wrote:
Thu Mar 15, 2018 2:22 pm
Is there a way to duplicate the vvt functionality? I’m going to be using that and nos on my st200 v6t
Just curious, have you used the Jag aj30 to get vvt ? As the original st200 didn't have vvt??

If so then the current vvt code in speeduino does not support the valve control that the Jag v6 needs:-(

Fully variable vvt Support is currently under development ( I for one look forward to it for my Jag 3.0 v6 install )
By kaighn80
i was under the impression that the st200 did have it which would explain the massive surge of power at about 3.5 to 4k revs, feels the same as the vtec kicking in when i nail my h22a powered mini.

if it doesnt have it then ill have to assume that its just coming on cam, it hits that mark and just faffs off which i like so im looking forward to the turbo conversion taking shape
By dazq
The st200 along with most of the v6 from ford of the same duratec family , had a second set of butterflies, low down in the intake manifold. These in effect blocked off one of the intake valve to increase low rpm air speed., They then open up at higher rpm which gives that surge feeling you describe.
The later 3.0 engines and the Jag derivatives didn't have these secondary butterflies.
By kaighn80
ossum cheers, just looked at my spare inlet and your correct
By Mykk
I too would really appreciate some advanced nitrous controls:

Above TPS % activation
Above RPM active
Timing retard while active
Above AFR shut off
Injector/fuel % add while active - so we can run a dry shot

...just a few features I'd love to see for us nitrous folks.
By noisymime
I'm starting to school myself on all things nitrous now so I can do this properly.

On/Off control with dry shot and main fuel PW modifier of the should be relatively simple (Including with the above limiters/filters). I would probably add another filter for 'Below MAP value' so you can have it shutoff when a certain boost level is reached (if using with a turbo). Adding a separate wet shot output shouldn't be too hard either, assuming people don't run the fuel solenoid on the same wiring as the nitrous.

All of the above can then be duplicated for 2 stage if I get really excited.

Progressive control is where things will get a little more complicated and I'll need to do some digging to figure out how best to do the timing. It will likely have to use the same timer as VVT, so it would be a VVT OR progressive nitrous (But not both) type of deal. I will probably leave progressive for now and just work on getting the on/off valve control working.
By noisymime
Anything important I'm missing (And don't say Progressive control, that's later :lol: )?
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