For anything you'd like to see added to Speeduino
By Blisk
Hi, I wanted to know whether you were keen on supporting EcuFlash as tuning software for the Speeduino. I've already corresponded with the Tactrix guys who maintain the EcuFlash software and they said there's no reason they couldn't support the Speeduino, however I couldn't answer their question as to whether the lookup tables are always written to the same physical memory addresses.

According to Mike from Tactrix:
That's a cool project. Yes, you could definitely use our EcuFlash software for the editor. The calibration data would have to be at fixed addresses so that you can make a definition file to map the tables to data types/sizes. I'm guessing you already have EcuFlash installed. In which case if you aren't already familiar with our definition files, take a look here for an understanding:

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenECU\EcuFlash1444833\rommetadata\subaru\Impreza WRX

The only thing we'd need to do is to add a lookup to our code which would look in a particular spot in the ROM file to see if it matches one of our supported ECUs. That would be something like looking for value ABC at address 123 so that we know it's a Speeduino ROM. I can get more specific details from the owner here if you want to move forward.

By lsdlsd88
i cant see 1 reason in the world to use ecuflash on a real time standalone ecu that can be live tuned?
By ric355
Nor can I. It sounds like a bad idea for a multitude of reasons, and we just don't need it.

Given their requirement about fixed memory addresses, this suggests the tool is more of a 'hacking' style tool than anything else. We don't need that since we have TunerStudio, and given the way TS and Speeduino work we don't want to guarantee fixed addresses anyway, so that means any interface they wrote could be broken at the drop of a hat.
By Wombat
I cant understand why anyone would want/ need to use ECU flash in conjunction with speeduino as it has its own USB?

From what I understand, ECUflash is for programming OEM ecus?

I can see why they might want to use incorporate Tunerstudio, might be a better idea approaching them?
@wombat I think you may find that centdependent is a spammer :) He posted to an older thread.
By Wombat
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By Wombat
LPG2CV wrote: Mon Apr 10, 2023 8:32 am @wombat I think you may find that centdependent is a spammer :) He posted to an older thread.
FFS no wonder there is no one responding to anything if there is spamming like this going on...
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