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So, this thing finding out if hardware matching software and mostly in good shape is taking to much time for me before i even get to figure out TS!
So remote tuning is my next thought, at least figure out if it`s right stuff to right engine, and "OK now you are good to go and start learning time just on TS

But they need the AFR to be connected to engine... mhm, yes i can get it fixed
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Take O2 sensor signal to ecu pin13 cut it but solder it in loop with a cable lug so i can use the stock lambda if "emergency"
then cut the green analog to wideband gauge twist they together and solder on cable lug too.

So when using stock lambda, disconnect the O2 cable lug and connect stock lambda, or disconnect lambda, connect the O2 lug when using wideband mhm

So said so done :)
Or was it, now the car don`t start at all and fuelpump and the pre-igniters goes wild :shock:
following manual if it the right and tying to do things better ending up worse, is it right manual!!!
things in VE dos not match up with things that should happen like on YouTube at same procedure ether, as soon i change something it adjust something else is my first impression but with out knowing if the hardware, sometimes it seems ecu dos not take the burning ether so... only thing that has changes back and forth to reasonable learning was the reverse IAC to normal that Pazi88 came

It shoulden`t matter if O2 signal to ecu is not cut completely of... a long as the stock lambda is disconnected, just like a wire go to nothing, other side goes to wideband controller and wideband gauge!

A sidestep connected my laptop to the Onyx studio 6 speaker for for better sound on YouTube speeduino tips, what the hekk is going on with the speeduino here?!...
Now the speaker dos exactly the same as the car, reset (sound gone for 2 sec then) even it`s the phone that`s
play Spotify when pull the USB and connect again, yes Bluetooth but whaaat :shock: :shock: :lol:

Can`t load video(to big file, (only 1.5 sec even before zip)!!!!!!! of the event ether now, have make it smaller and smaller too,
But a log
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A trial log but dosen`t say me any in English

After connect wb.png
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DSC_0068.JPG (2.36 MiB) Viewed 1119 times
Controller i got is built to the Wb 4.9 probe and gauge, more i don`t now!
i just followed the instruction...
Screenshot_20220613-195649-01.jpeg (150.65 KiB) Viewed 1098 times
but when i turn ign-key to on, and but the wire log together it start the fuelpump and pulsating/runs the injectors and pre igniters follow with it, it sounds like a little motor!
Screenshot_20220613-201359-01.jpeg (291.37 KiB) Viewed 1098 times
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Sparkplug was not killing them black this time, even i haven`t change things in the TS yet, than IAC from 120hz rev to 350hz normal and idel to operating temp checking for leaks and so, had enough just to verify before anything else first!!
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SO, that`s a second engine gone, this speeduino stuff at lest I GOT isen`t gonna work :( my money back :? ?

But thanks for tips guys :)

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How in heaven can it be that O2 starts fuelpump and drive the injectors like crazy, if not as i have in mind... wrong/or wrong with the ecu hardware, like the first one i got, the only wires i diden't vant to cut and incorpurate in the quick connetor is the 2 knock and O2 sensor since they are shelded, so i put then on the outside on the "elephant snabel"
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SO it cant be my re build engine hardness (not messed with)!!
Is there anyway to recognize hardware is wrong, the uino bord is the same Just follows updates as the years go forward!

I found differences in M50 and m52 pnp borads that is a bit worry on aliexress, since the M50TU have same trigger wheel as the M52. I have the one with recesses but that again can just be to match the screw fastners

And Now:
Always thinking a head in front..
Not cut and Just live the lambda wire side dead, So i did connect the stock ecu, and the car starts and idles mooooodly, So my injectors did survive the speeduinos rampage :?

Screenshot_20220614-135207-01.jpeg (149.28 KiB) Viewed 1049 times
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So, a update on the crazy injector event, right should be right to the speeduino brand it self, regardless if got the wrong stuff for my engine or not.

I managed to count the wires not the pin holes and missed 2 holes without wire they are small, but they were both yellow, many yellows in the area and in the point of frustrated in using so much time taking apart the "spaceship" to check if the parts speaks the same language rather on to drive (learning TS instead)
I got hold of one of the yellow to one injector, so Murphy law :mrgreen: is it easier to go south :arrow: it dos of course :|

But not much difference, it idle very nice now but have the same big drops to almost stops and rews up and down to stabilize again, AND, in that drop.... the wideband show good 15.2 AFR as in all rew up`s too, and goes back to 10.2!
and it have some "cool" :o small paws now and then in idle!

When push the throttle it hears and feels like it runs on 5 of the 6 cylinders like the same tam tam tam before it before it cleans out on 3000 rpm.
I don`t want to push it more before it verified that the stuff is the right ones for M50B25TU.

Ps: The stock ecu is stored in glove compartment or some were, they are not both connected at the same time.

Lambda or WB Switch.jpeg
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Hi guys!

So, an update on all the mess here, I got the engine remote-tuned, but even he had difficulty with the wideband sensor going wild, at idle 10.2 jumps strait to 15.5-16.5 an down again!
but in the end of a hour tweaking with it in idle with some much more leaner parameters, idle not to bad before the remote tuning ether, the engine have never run on all 6 cylinders i my mind now, we thought
is it so rich that it`s go deep tam tam tam sound ich

So when session finish I disconnect the Pc, the engine idles for 2min when dies, now what :?
have put videos of the event, but this was doomed before i got started gus.
in it seems when i disconnect the Pc/usb and turn on ignition again the ecu short-circuits the injector or a few of them, with a hi sharp click in injector(s) and fire 3 ignition lights :shock:
And jester day i came on the brilliant idea, hey why not try the first ecu i bought, that fried it self after 3 sec`s no ground to main-rely, (a diode was put on wrong way) but it was even worse, first time i see it lighting it firers 4 light to on and all 8 when cranked, like they sent me an ecu for V8 engine
Seems like the ecu provide ground and plus from the chassi :o

So i gonna ask back his question...
"If i don`t now what i`m doing, get someone who knows to do it!" I did ;) But they who knows coulden`t get to the bottom of the issue either.
("So, do you know what you are doing then?")
He/they have a explanation problem now, in two ecu boards with same characteristic fault.

That`s it for now...

Acually it`s not, did not work yesterday, so for 2 hour now, make a video, shorten and shorten Mb blueth it over to pc and zipp it, the last video of short-circuit a injector event,
why i think it`s always run on 5 cylinders from i got the ecu!!

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Also what is happening with that instrument cluster 😅

mean wile, did finish the cluster then :P 3 days of hart breaking tingling work :? the plastic the needles was to big, so tearing out the original metal pins and glue in.
Could have used red voltmeter too, had only blue left, and ARF is blue like the rest

pazi88 wrote:
Wed Jun 08, 2022 8:14 pm
Also what is happening with that instrument cluster 😅
Mean while, did finish the cluster then :P 3 days of hart breaking tingling work :? the plastic the needles was to big, so tearing out the original metal pins and glue in.
Fixed Cluster.JPG
Fixed Cluster.JPG (2.08 MiB) Viewed 425 times
Could have used red voltmeter too, had only blue left, and ARF is blue like the rest

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Ensure you have hardware test turned off.


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