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Hi, I just installed 0.4.4 in to mx5 vvt. ECU acts very unstable. For example if idle valve is set to work before start, fuel pump and some LED's activates randomly and if in this state I plug usb in to pc fuel pump starts pumping without stop and idle valve starts to sound much louder. If I disable idle before start, It all seams stable, but if I try to start engine, injector and spark output goes ~double speed and rps's is not stable. If I try to start engine without pc pluged in, engine starts more or less fine (on base tune). Also, sometimes fuel pump relay after priming flickers few times before switches off.
Feels like ecu picks all noise it can get, but why? any similar experience?
Not a expert in electronics, but it is not my first ecu install.
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Will try to cut power from usb, but not all problems gone when usb is not pluged in, so it would not fully solve problem.

It is fake arduino. I have original one and I will try it today.

I reuploaded firmware using speedyloader, latest one 202103.

Used base tune for mx5 01-05 PNP and changed settings to suit my setup and speeduino v0.4.4.
Tried original arduino, same thing, just acts crazy.
Tried using generic base tune and reconfigure it for my setup, same thing.
Also noticed, on other speeduino 0.4.3 I remember component lm2940t (on board printed U1) was getting warm. On this one it is always cold.
edit: Checked lm2940t again, cold when pluged only to usb, warm when powered by car.
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