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alright so let me start from the begining i got a diy efi 4 core kit , ive installed a air temp senser and a wideband car ran fine before adding the new ecu ,ive checked timing on engine and set my ignison timing up to 10 degree so engine side is fine ive i have set the injector size up and tps widband and all thoses bits in settings and thats all ive touched , car will run sometimes but runs ruf bairly running all cylinders , ive checked for spark and all is fine on that end as i said works fine on old ecu and old air box and air flow sencer , ground from engine to car is fine batt is new and is connected

also on a random note i looked at ecu when cranking and only 2 lights show up next to the injector parts on the board when theres 4 could this be a dogy board anyways guy from diy efi isnt reply to me after trying to sort the problem with him sadly he did try but ithink hes got fed up . anyways ill put my tune up for you guys to look at hope its somthing silly wrong with tune :(

car spec
wideband aem gauge
air intake tem sencer
diy efi ecu
stock injectors 230cc
cars pretty stock
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What year miata is this? How do you have the injectors wired?

Go to settings --> engine constants and change "injector layout" from paired and try semi-sequential and sequential. I had this setting wrong on my speeduino pnp and it eventually caused my catalytic converter to start glowing orange while I was trying to figure it out.
What MX5 do you have? As spork said if it's a 94-97 EUDM 1.6 or 1.8 then your injectors are sequential. You have to change the injector layout. You refer to 230 injectors so I assume it is a 1.8
Change your MAP sampling method to instantaneous. Your IAC valve duty seems odd. Have you verified open and closed values?
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