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By exvils
So i was playing with BT modules and HC05(zs040), HC06 and JDY31 sends after disconnecting "+DISC:SUCCESS" message which bricks serial/fw and ecu won't connect anymore unless restarted.
However this wasn't big problem with both hc05 and hc06 because anyone still have made connection, but with jdy31 you can't even connect as it sends "CONNECTING<<*mac address here*" and after that "CONNECTED" messages.
Is there a way to make a filter in .ini that would block/ignore "not a command" messages?
i added photos of output from terminal where i tried to connect twice to ecu via MSDroid app (qsqsqs is signature request) followed by disconnecting from BT
stuff in terminal is output from BT that would be wired to ECU (TX from BT to RX on arduino if i remember well), but i wired tx from bt to another mega to observe communication
zx040 – copy.JPG
zx040 – copy.JPG (23.06 KiB) Viewed 660 times
jdy31 – copy.JPG
jdy31 – copy.JPG (31.41 KiB) Viewed 660 times

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