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Engine shutdown with serial 3 disconnection

PostPosted:Sat Jun 13, 2020 9:47 pm
by maisdc
I am using the Realdash app in my car. I use two bluetooth modules, HM-10. One connected to serial 0 and the other connected to serial 3. I have a problem, when I enter the Realdash application, it connects perfectly and shows the information on the panel. When I enter the application garage, the engine shuts down because the connection is closed. But this only happens if I am connected to serial 3, if I am connected to serial 0, it does not happen. To test, I inverted the bluetooth modules, the fault always occurs in serial 3, even inverting the position modules. To try to solve it, I updated the bootloader, with the modified file, which does not restart the arduino when connected the USB cable, and is really working, when I connect the USB cable to the computer and open the Tunner Studio program, after loading the project, the motor does not shut down, meaning that the firmware update is correct and the reset pin was welded correctly in PB7. But even so, when I enter the garage of the Realdash app, the engine shuts down, and I notice that the fuel pump stays on for several seconds, and the engine cannot start again, until I turn everything off and on again. Thank you.