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Hi, after testing I have mismatched pins coming from the Arduino. The ignition pins are: ING 1 on pin 40, ING 2 on pin 38, ING on pin 52, ING 4 on pin 50. The following input signals don't respond either: IAT, CLT, O2. The TPS, MAP, RPM 1, RPM 2 seem to be fine. The injectors seem to be fine. I'm not sure about the AUX, I haven't tested them yet. I haven't used a simulator to test, I don't think that should matter though. Is there an easy way to turn the AUX's on to test? The Arduino is a clone with CH340 chip, and I purchased it with an LCD shield in the hopes of being able to have a simple switchable display for temps, RPM, A/F . I'm not sure if that makes a difference to it actually operating, or just to the serial port and connecting to a computer? I have tried various firmware versions , but the same thing. I don't know anything about code or where the problem is exactly, but it seems to be with the Arduino. The V0.3.6 board seems to be fine at this stage.

Thanks to the Speeduino gurus, Chris.
You have the wrong board type selected in tunerstudio !
I use plenty of ch340 versions of the megas and have no issues so don't worry :-)

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