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By GCOM886
My CLT sensor stuck at 82c when it's cold or hot, I have checked the sensor and it's good, check the pin, doing calibrate.

When i unplug the sensor, it's still reading 82c

Any solution?
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By jonbill
I think that is typical of not connected - are you sure you have the right board selected and are on the right pin?
have done the calibration?
By Enriketo
Check the continuity of the two wires from the sensor to the ecu.
One of the cables must have ground from the ucu and the other must have 5v as a reference signal with the sensor disconnected.
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I would test both the Mega separately for function and settings, and then with the board, in order to find the source of the issue (Mega, board, settings, etc). Note in the following links, there are tests to voltage (Mega alone) and tests through resistance to ground (board), so don't get confused with which one you are using. ;)
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