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By Mahiamine30
Hello everyone, and thank you for welcoming me to this extraordinary forum. I've just finished assembling a speeduino v0.4.3 compatibe pcb ms41 rev 1.3 desing by pazi88 I tested the ECU on a stock m52 engine for 15 minutes all gone well, I then installed my speeduino on my other e30 turbo it has injectors 650cc the car functioned the mix was not perfect but I went out is I did about 150km , at some point I stopped the car for 15 minutes is when I wanted to restart the car impossible to do so . Even after two days of work no solution, the car difficult to start is if the fuel mix seems to be aleatory is impossible to manage it,
Please help me find a solution because I commance to losing hope
Best regards
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By jonbill
Do you have a log of starting and running it? that would help too.
The injectors are big so PW at idle will be small. The open time seems short - are you sure of that?
+1 to log required.
Post the current tune again as well please. :)

Please post log in ASCII format. Options menu.
By Mahiamine30
Hello and thank you for your reply.
today i was able to fine-tune the setting of the table. VE is the car has to start but my engine rev indicator goes wrong in all directions is the engine has to miss ignition my pmh sensor is new but I changed it and result of the new sensor is worse than the old I'll do a log is you sent
It many thanks for your reply

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