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By cx500tc
I can't recommend anyone in your area.

But, most print shops, the ones that do tee shirts, signs and business cards, either can or know of someone who can do stickers. Depending on what you want and the quantity, prices will vary. For instance, if you're doing a single color those are usually fairly cheap, but multiple colors can run up the costs a bit. Also, small quantities are usually laser cut 'cause that's the easiest for that, but large quantities can be cheaper if you go die cut.
By noisymime
joemper - I'd like to use one of your logos (Probably the first one) on the Facebook page and just want to make sure things are covered here. Are you OK with the project using these in such a manner?

Ideally, if you're happy to release these under a Creative Commons license such as the Share-Alike (aka CC-BY-SA) then this would allow Speeduino to use these as needed and provide attribution for yourself.

I know it's likely implied that you're OK with the project using your work, but having something like a CC license on it means that we're not going to get into any trouble down the track :D

Thanks again!

(More info about the Creative Commons licenses is at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_ ... f_licenses)
By joemper
Yes of course it’s okay that’s why I made them to help the project, don’t worry am not going to sue you ;). But having a license around those images is actually a great thing. I can release them under share-alike 4.0. User “PSIG” should have some creed for the smart design with the wagon “S” i like it allot. I can send you a email with the source files as well and a license. Then I write the license around my image’s in this thread too. Maybe there should be a license around PSIG’s image as well?
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By cx500tc
CC/SA license is a bit too permissive, if you ask me. It gives anyone the "right" to use it without deference to anyone. I.e. anyone could develop a product and use that image for their purposes... and if theirs is substantially different, they could usurp the brand name and image.

I hate copyright laws... for the most part.
By joemper
Actually agree with you about it, perhaps the No-Derivatives is better then. But then the license makes it harder for others to improve the logo and continue working on it.
If Speeduino is to be associated with the “S” wagon logo is the last thing you want someone forks the project and the logo design. Although it is unlikely but there’s legally possible.

From what I understand the only real protection against it is brand protection witch is another thing. Then companies can’t use similar logos. Even with a more stricter cc license like (CC BY-ND 4.0) there is still the possibility of building a new logo that is similar from scratch. But with no derives license nobody can’t just take a copy off the logo, change a little bit and use it without permission from the creator/creator’s witch might be a great thing. But lets hear what Josh and others thinks about the S-wagon/ long hood Dodge wiper design type of logo and the type of licensing.
More info about (CC BY-ND 4.0) https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/4.0/
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By cx500tc
There is some precedent with regards to copyright and trademark, as in once published publically there is some semblance of protection against unauthorized use. For instance, by simply pressing "submit" on this forum post box, my writings, schematics and images are instantly granted copyright by the USA since it is technically a 'printed' medium. This, in theory, grants the publisher / writer legal ownership over their works... but your locale may have different rules.

I could, in theory, prosecute anyone who mistreats this writing and/or uses it to create libel against me... but the forum's T&C could alter that permissiveness, much like how Google, Facebook and the like force one to agree with their T&C and automatically assume copyright over a members writings.

Lot's to think about.
By jsantoro
Cool Josh, I'm using the same one as the background screen for my simulator. I won't have to change anything
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By cx500tc
Old Grey wrote:Now can we have a better logo.
Speaking of which, there could soon come an announcement regarding a contest for a new logo.

Get your crayons ready. ;)
By Old Grey
I don't need a contest because I hate, no loooath - Seinfeld ref 8-) -, the old one.
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