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By joemper
Thought that such awesome project needs a fancy logo, so i span off from Josh's original design and with help of Incscape & Gimp witch also is free software :) i come up with this.

Users may post their logo contribution in this thread.
Note: This does not mean that Speeduino should switch logo, just suggestions this is Josh's corner.
speeduinoBl.png (30.88 KiB) Viewed 3468 times
By noisymime
Niiiice, I like it!

I can't take any credit for the current logo though. There was a thread around a while back where people were throwing around various designs and it came out of that :D
One thing the current one has going for it is that it can easily be printed on the circuit boards, but I definitely like the more detailed one of yours. Thanks!
By joemper
Thanks! I see, it should be readable in single color then.. and vector graphics (.svg)? are they other limitations in circuit printers? It's made of svg, lights effect is done by pixels.
By jsantoro
Love the logo. I working on a standalone simulator with a color TFT screen. Do you mind if I use this logo as the splash screen?
By vissi
I was on fiverr the other day and figured I would go ahead see what I could get for five dollars.

Here is what I got back.
speeduino1.jpg (30.68 KiB) Viewed 3394 times
speeduino2.jpg (37.42 KiB) Viewed 3394 times
By klotzy_550
I personally like the red one, sleek and simple!
User avatar
By jagodo
I really like the modified version of the Arduino logo in Joemper's second logo, although the '+' and '-' are on the wrong sides (I wonder why they are that way around in the Arduino logo because I always think "plus and minus", it just sounds right). Putting road markings on it to turn it into a road is brilliant!
By vissi
I just noticed the road markings! That is brilliant.

That would make an awesome logo/sticker even by itself.
By joemper
Thanks Jsantoro of course you can, sorry for the really late reply.
By noisymime
Anyone know any good places for decent sticker printing? I'd quite like to include one in each order.

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