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By RichardMorrison
I know it's a trivial thing, but can the forum be set up so that a link in a post will open in a new tab or window? I find it frustrating to be reading a long post and coming upon a link, clicking it and then no longer being in the forums.
By noisymime
I think this should be working now.

I've got to say, phpbb maybe wasn't the best choice for a forum system in hindsight :?
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I keep doing the same thing, clicking and losing my forum page :x , so I add +1 to this. In the meantime, most browsers let you right-click and select Open in a new Tab/Window, while tablets and phones usually take a long finger-press on the link to offer similar options. Also, check your browser settings for the option to always open links in a new tab or window, though my FF does not do it on these forums.

PS: I'd also like to re-up my suggestion to configure email notifications to include a few lines of text from the new post. :D

[EDIT] Thanks for that! Image Any possibility on the emails?
By Hasse.69
Thank you , Josh!

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