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By Bruceynz
Hi everyone,

Ok I have been reading, I have a 6.1 hemi that is currently in the machine shop.

So I need to batch fire the injectors and used wasted spark.

The hemi firing order 1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2

I was going to fire the coils 1/6 8/5 4/7 3/2

And it looks like I pair the injectors the same

Inj1 1/6 Inj2 8/5 Inj3 4/7 Inj4 3/2

Do I have it all worked out correctly?

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Short answer: Yes.

Can-of-worms (or expanded-horizons) answer: Yes, and extensive manipulations may be applied for general or specific purposes. Most do not give credit to the configurability of paired and batch control, or just don't know. So, I'll give one such approach for example.

With paired injectors the number of injections can be doubled, providing a "double-shot" sequential effect. In-fact, MOPAR uses an advanced version of double-shot today. Pretty cool, but then you can also manipulate further, by offsetting the injection pairs in 90° increments, just by moving the INJ connections.

So for example, you can shift the pairs 270° earlier, so the injection is as late as possible on the cylinder that has the open valve. Not only is the first injection dwelling on the hot valve for better vaporization; this way, the latest corrections may be applied in that second injection for better control, even at higher speeds that conventional sequential can't. The injection end-point and several other options may also be used for further manipulation.

Just some food for thought, and configuring as you stated is well-proven and will be fine. Testing alternative configurations and settings may then be on your to-do list after the first full tune is completed for a benchmark. Just touching on one example, you can see how the number of options and configurations can keep you busy for a very long time making incremental improvements to your setup. Every project and tune configuration will be different for every engine, setup and end-use goals, so tuners are pioneers in some way every time. Have fun!


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