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By noisymime
This has been a while in the making, but the changes to the logo and forum are finally ready! You'll have noticed that things look a little different with the forum, but there's more too it than just the outward appearance. The new layout is faster to load, more responsive, much better on mobile and considerably more flexible for changes in the future. I'm hoping you guys all find it as much of an improvement as I have, but if there's anything missing from it that you want to see, don't hesitate to mention it below.

The new logo is finally ready to go as well! This design is what will be used going forward on all boards, documentation etc:
I think it's a nice blend of simple design, but also with a few hints around what Speeduino is.

Over the past few months, a few people had also asked about the possibility of Speeduino shirts and things, so now that the new logo is all finalised, they're here! Shirts, hats and hoodies are available from: http://speeduino.storenvy.com/
All the profit from the sale of these goes straight back into Speeduino development too, so everyone wins!
Stickers will be coming soon too for those looking to have one on their car.

As promised, one forum member (who voted) was also chosen at random to get a free shirt. And the winner is.... apollard!
I've sent you a PM and will grab your details to get this out to you.

In case you have any questions about things, feel free to comment below. To jump in with a few easy ones though:

This new forum is weird, can I have the old one back?
You sure can! Just go to your control panel and under board preferences change the board style back to 'prosilver': ucp.php?i=179

What happened to the logo poll, didn't some other design win?
At the end of the poll there were 2 designs well out in front of the others. Only 2 votes separated these two and so I looked seriously at both of them. After playing around with how each would work in monochrome, fonts, printability etc I decided to go with this one.
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By cx500tc
In general, I like the look, but the 50 shades of gray (grey?) for things doesn't give enough contrast between important things....

Well, most everything. ;)
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Nice! The new logo looks great up there. Critiques are that the format is slightly more spaced, requiring more swiping or clicking to get through stuff, and the pastel "baby" colors have low contrast, which makes it more difficult to read easily on certain screen types or lighting. I can't read it at all when sitting on a bench outside for lunch break. I have selected the old color scheme, but it only works when I am logged-in, and is a pain when I'm just checking or researching. Can we have a higher-contrast default to ensure good readability on those devices that need it? Thanks!
By noisymime
Am tweaking a few bits and pieces over the next day or so to improve the contrast. Aim is to try and bring out the main pieces of info and let less important bits remain with slightly less contrast.

Will see how things go
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Nice! Thanks for all the effort towards the community.
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By Kelvinator
New forum is looking great. I too hope for more contrast as its all a bit soft for me.

Also, is there a way to add a quick reply field at the bottom of threads? Call me lazy but i dont like having to click the reply button, go to another page, and then make a reply.

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