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By apollard
So today the forum has decided to not like Chrome (see screen cap). I've tried android, iOS and Windows version and get the same thing. Reboots, etc don't change anything. All Chrome versions are up to date. Internet explorer works fine. Unfortunately, can't try Firefox due to restrictions on my devices (most owned by the company). Easy to work around for me, but might be an issue for others.
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By ktop
Use ctrl+ F5 to refresh without cache your browser. This fixed it for me in firefox.
By apollard
Works, but come right back in Chrome. I'm behind a firewall now that is probably caching so I'll check to see if it come back at home.

Thanks for the tip-
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By cx500tc
Working fine here in IE and Edge.

No idea what caused the issue, but it seems mostly repaired.
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By Kelvinator
The forum works well for me on Chrome on MacOS, and Chrome on Windows, but using Chrome on my Android phone gives the same issue as in the OP. Its unusable.


New forum is much nicer to use. Im SOOOOO flipping happy to be rid of the stupid facebook thing that was under the logo, it was always the slowest thing to load and pushed the page down when it loaded, meaning you often clicked the wrong thing.
By apollard
On android, click 'request desktop site'. Then you can un-click it. That cleared it up for me. No issues on any device now.
By noisymime
So, all this has come about from a fairly large upgrade to the forum backend. Within the next day or 2 I am hoping to change the frontend considerably to a more modern, faster and more mobile friendly style.

Until then, if anyone is having any loading issues, clearing your browser cache and logging off/on seems to be resolving it for most people. If you're still getting the same weirdness, let me know and I can look into it further.
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By ktop
I'm not sure if it's in your plans, but tapatalk is very good add on for the forum. We use it a lot on another forum I'm admin.
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By Kelvinator
ktop wrote:
Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:19 pm
I'm not sure if it's in your plans, but tapatalk is very good add on for the forum. We use it a lot on another forum I'm admin.
Oh hell no. Its horrible to use. A responsive design that resizes the full site to work on mobile devices is a FAR better option, and what most other forums are going to these days (and binning tapatalk).

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