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By Hulk22
Can you draw a signal regulating circuit for this example? My intention is to send signal voltage from 5 to 15 v to an MCU input without damaging it.Thank you for your time!!
By theonewithin
Here is a better option...

What is it you are actually trying to achieve?

What is sending this kind useless signal?

What are you wanting to do with it?

Explain in detail what it is you are doing as there is likely a better option than making up a dodgy circuit.
By Hulk22
Ok, here is an example :
When i press AC switch i have +12 volt output signal.Then i connect this signal to one of MCU GPIOs and use it for IDLE control adjustustment. So i want to be able to use any input of the MCU and not be aware all the time if the input signal will be above 5 volts. The maximum posible voltage that may be use it will be 15volt.
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By Chris Wolfson
Do you have basic knowledge about Ohm's law, Zener diodes, resistors and how to use them in a practical design?
Can you find a "Proto Area" on your bord?
The answers would make your question easier to understand.
By theonewithin
In that case all you need is an IN4004 and maybe a pull up resistor.

Inputs can be triggered either when high or low.

The diode would stop 12v getting into the ECU but will pull the signal low when off.

Or it will work the other way around.

Super simple stuff. No need to worry about causing damage or high voltages.

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