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SPEEDUINO installed
by ingredienthay -   - in: General
1 Replies
by jonbill
Digikey MOSFET marked as obsolete
by rangie89 -   - in: General
0 Replies
by rangie89
Can I use 1/4w resistor instead 0.4w ? and irfz44n instead STP62NS04Z
by D4100 -   - in: Official Boards
7 Replies
by D4100
BMW E23 M30B28
by Svetoslav -   - in: User Projects
36 Replies
by plazomat -   - in: User Projects
5 Replies
by plazomat
Suzuki GSXR 750 trigger pattern, is this possible?
by Hannah Kiekens -   - in: Getting started
4 Replies
by ace192
Speeduino cranking voltage problem
by Amont08 -   - in: General Hardware
21 Replies
by Amont08
V0.4.3c accidentally shorted 12v now no rpm signal or inj LED's. NA6 MX5
by ~Slideways -   - in: Official Boards
1 Replies
BMW M20B23 L-Jetronic to UA4C Sea Fox
by MikkoR -   - in: User Projects
51 Replies
by MikkoR
202402 and realdash issue
by paulblalock -   - in: Getting started
0 Replies
by paulblalock
MX5 1.8 na 1995 Core4 PNP no RPM in TunerStudio
by Jeppie -   - in: User Projects
10 Replies
by FiatDuino
1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse 4G63 No RPM Tunner Studio
by jared lustig -   - in: User Projects
1 Replies
Mazda MX3 KLDE swap cam signal/no spark
by MX3Lover -   - in: User Projects
8 Replies
by MX3Lover
Bluetooth serial, signature info problem. "FIXED"
by Zeppa -   - in: General
12 Replies
by Zeppa
SPEEDUINO installed

What is ATV? Your local govt test scheme? I think […]

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Thanks for the reply and explication. The ha[…]

BMW E23 M30B28

I have used 14point7 products successfully. Note […]

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