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Speeduino ver 0.4.3d bluetooth module HC-06 disconnects
by carjunky62 -   - in: Getting started
4 Replies
by carjunky62
Minarelli RC-One Piagio (slow built)
by threshold -   - in: Random
4 Replies
speeduino injector
by jhford -   - in: Forum
1 Replies
by dazq
Can I use 1/4w resistor instead 0.4w ? and irfz44n instead STP62NS04Z
by D4100 -   - in: Official Boards
9 Replies
by La Team Prep
Stage X [project]
by La Team Prep -   - in: User designed boards
15 Replies
by La Team Prep
How to set it correctly for the R2 TWIN engine?
by RobertZalewski -   - in: User Projects
64 Replies
by RobertZalewski
TEENSY 3.5 8X8
by NickZ -   - in: User designed boards
146 Replies
by KodokDisko
Motronic 1.1/1.2/1.3 Compatible PCB
by Raku -   - in: User designed boards
361 Replies
by Raku
Running a k24a2 w/o a chassis
by HSPRZEPA -   - in: Getting started
9 Replies
The Stage X-SM [Project]
by La Team Prep -   - in: User designed boards
2 Replies
by La Team Prep
Bentley 430cc mid -impedance injectors
by crackedheadtv -   - in: Other
14 Replies
by crackedheadtv
New project creates some additional firmware capabilities
by paintingset -   - in: General
1 Replies
by dazq
PCB for BMW m52 engine
by pazi88 -   - in: User designed boards
360 Replies
by robertfontaine
Fuel Pump Info for Small Engines - Motorcycles, gokarts, generators etc.
by purplelightning -   - in: Getting started
3 Replies
by purplelightning
VSS wiring and setup
by rallikuski -   - in: General
2 Replies
Simple electronic distributor control with no crank pos
by Old School -   - in: Getting started
3 Replies
Flatshift for AT transmission
by XPbIM3 -   - in: General
26 Replies
by purplelightning
cam triger angle for sequential 4cylinder
by sparkness -   - in: Getting started
10 Replies
Newb.... Where do I start........?
by Gi_joe -   - in: Getting started
4 Replies

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speeduino injector

What is the maximun resistance for nozzles is 14[…]

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