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100% mechanic injection to Speeduino EFI
by Piwel -   - in: Getting started
2 Replies
by GolGT86
1979 Chrysler Scorpion draw through carby conversion (4G54 + Garrett T3 + Stromberg CD175
by CAnAm -   - in: User Projects
21 Replies
STM32 development
by Tjeerd -   - in: General
304 Replies
by moussie369
NO2C crank signal issues
by Logicaluk -   - in: User Projects
5 Replies
by Logicaluk
NO2C RPM spikes random, optical sensor.
by TurboFob -   - in: User Projects
6 Replies
by jonbill
Opel Ascona 2000cc 20E
by Malihovas -   - in: General
2 Replies
by huramentzefix
BMW E23 M30B28
by Svetoslav -   - in: User Projects
15 Replies
by Svetoslav
eaton M62 supercharger with electromagnetic clutch, control & boost pressure
by huramentzefix -   - in: General
14 Replies
Plugs, where to get?
by huramentzefix -   - in: General Hardware
5 Replies
by huramentzefix
1981 VW Rabbit here for research (Build)
by soultron -   - in: User Projects
106 Replies
NO2C MEGA 2560 PINOUT IMAGE - Is this right ?
by usatracy -   - in: General
6 Replies
by Eddie78
m52 pnp v2.2 board weird lag spikes while in boost.
by Toms wknd -   - in: User designed boards
12 Replies
by Toms wknd
Opel Astra G project, original Ecu + speeduino (Parallel/piggyback)
by lovosal -   - in: User Projects
177 Replies
by lovosal
Running VAG coils with pazi rev2.2 speeduino board.
by Toms wknd -   - in: User designed boards
10 Replies
by pazi88
sauver moteur v8
by jma -   - in: User Projects
0 Replies
by jma
Ignition Angle doubled?
by bugster_de -   - in: User Projects
26 Replies
by bugster_de
Mazda 3 with Honda V6 J30 and speeduino for J30 ECU in parallel with existing ECU
by AlainNotHere -   - in: User Projects
2 Replies
by AlainNotHere
PCB for BMW m42/m50/m60 engine
by pazi88 -   - in: User designed boards
454 Replies
by pazi88
Cushman Haulster
by raven007 -   - in: User Projects
40 Replies
by Duke
No Tach/No Lights on 0.4.3d using ardustim
by yuppiecruncher -   - in: User Projects
2 Replies
Flex Fuel and Returnless Fuel Pump Control With Rail Pressure
by Hot_Wire -   - in: General
9 Replies
Peugeot 205 rallye
by Spidii -   - in: User Projects
37 Replies
by Spidii
engine shutting off when diving
by Skutch -   - in: User Projects
1 Replies
by endwrench
launch control based on speed input
by commrace -   - in: Feature Requests
4 Replies
by Hosodatty

Bro, just put speed to take care of all fuel and i[…]

No worries. Life gets in the way. A lot. See yo[…]

STM32 development

So here's a little update on the subject of my pas[…]

NO2C crank signal issues

Also sometimes when i turn the ECU off it seems to[…]

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