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Tach output and RPM sensor issues
by moussie369 -   - in: General Hardware
2 Replies
by moussie369
launch control based on speed input
by commrace -   - in: Feature Requests
5 Replies
by LeeTaylor
BMW E23 M30B28
by Svetoslav -   - in: User Projects
28 Replies
by Svetoslav
Good youtube video tutorial for beginners/newbies on PCB design & fab. with kicad
by ruckusman -   - in: User designed boards
2 Replies
by ruckusman
Engine dies when laptops is disconnected
by panjaycee -   - in: Bugs / Issues
2 Replies
by panjaycee
Cam position sensor help! ima noob... I did search lol
by Brandon -   - in: Getting started
12 Replies
by Brandon
m52 pnp v2.2 board weird lag spikes while in boost.
by Toms wknd -   - in: User designed boards
17 Replies
89 Mustang GT 5.0 Fuel Injected V8
by FoxbodyTX -   - in: User Projects
11 Replies
4 Cylinder 250 motorbikes - planning stages
by ruckusman -   - in: Getting started
15 Replies
by JHolland
STM32 development
by Tjeerd -   - in: General
314 Replies
by moussie369
by tooly -   - in: User designed boards
208 Replies
Mazda 3 with Honda V6 J30 and speeduino for J30 ECU in parallel with existing ECU
by AlainNotHere -   - in: User Projects
4 Replies
by AlainNotHere
Electronic Throttle Controller by DStage
by DStage -   - in: Accessory boards
115 Replies
by DStage
no rpm on Missing tooth, but read it Dual wheel, and no IAT
by MarcoRosi -   - in: General
3 Replies
by MarcoRosi
Jeep transmission compatibility
by PJgearhead -   - in: Getting started
1 Replies
Speeduino for Renault Laguna 1 1999 1.6 16v
by Andrei1744 -   - in: Getting started
0 Replies
by Andrei1744
Auto Transmission Controller
by Blown300ZX -   - in: Automotive related
22 Replies
by kettlekev
Tach output and RPM sensor issues

By somewhat better I meant that before adding the […]

I saw this suggested on GitHub. I've used programm[…]

BMW E23 M30B28

Ignore my previous posts, I'm an idiot. Turns out […]

He's quite prolific with respect to video and elec[…]

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