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Secondary Serial IO interface

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Retrieve realtime data
* '''Send an "r"'''
if you send an "r" to the port you must also send 4 5 further bytes immediately after the "r". These are the command 0x30(48 in decimal), a 2 byte offset and a 2 byte length. the offset is the position in he realtime list you want the data returned to start from and the 2 byte length is the number of bytes you want returned. the bytes are sent LSB first .
The port will reply with ,
"r" confirming the received instruction (send as 0x72 in hex) ,
The port will now transmit a single byte in hex ,this is the value of the "r" , type command, confirming what was requested(ths should be 0x30).
The port will then transmit the realtime data requested starting at the byte position sent for the number of bytes length.
73 - currentStatus.tpsADC
TPS (Raw 0-255)
== Read external analog data from a remote device ==