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So what's the go?

The Speeduino project aims to create a fully featured, totally open source (Hardware and firmware) Engine Management System (EMS) / Engine Control Unit (ECU) on top of the | Arduino Mega platform. In order of priority the specific aims are:

  • Simplicity of development
  • Low barrier to entry (ie price and availability of hardware, clear, well documented code, easily accessible software development etc)
  • Capabilities / Features

In short, the main goal is to be in all places as simple as possible. No weird build environments, no knowledge of assembly needed, favour simplicity over performance where needed and make as low a barrier to entry as can possibly be achieved. Both the hardware and software/firmware sides of the system are covered with all being covered under open licenses.

What the project isn't

To cut to the chase, this project isn't aiming to compete with the top line aftermarket engine management solutions that already exist. It simply isn't within the realms of possibility for a ~$150, 16-bit system. Whilst flexibility and options are always preferred where possible, the system will never have the full featureset of more expensive units, instead it focusses on excelling at the things it does do.

So.... What to expect?

What you will get is flexible and configurable fuel and ignition management that will work for the majority of every day type setups. Currently supported features include:

  • 16x16 3D fuel and ignition maps, with base of either TPS (Alpha-N) or MAP (Speed Density)
  • Supports up to 8 cylinders fuel and ignition with 4 channels of fuel and 4 channels of ignition outputs
    • 1, 2 (Even fire only), 3 and 4 cylinder engines with full sequential fuel and ignition
    • 6 (even fire only) and 8 cylinder engines are supported with wasted spark and 2 squirts per cycle
  • 6x6 3D individual cylinder trim on engines up to 4 cylinders
  • After Start Enrichment
  • Rev limiting (Spark based, hard and soft)
  • Cranking specific enrichment, dwell timing and advance
  • General logging through TunerStudio
  • High speed tooth logging
  • TPS calibration through TunerStudio
  • Sensor calibration through TunerStudio (Coolant, IAT and O2)
  • Warm Up Enrichment (WUE)
  • TPS based acceleration enrichment
  • Tacho output
  • Fuel pump activation/deactivation (With priming)
  • Over dwell and over duty protection
  • Battery voltage compensation for dwell and injectors
  • Modular wheel decoder support. Included decoders:
    • Missing tooth (Eg 36-1, 60-2 etc)
    • Dual wheel (Evenly spaced teeth on crank, single tooth on cam)
    • Basic distributor
    • GM 7X
    • GM 24X
    • 4g63 aka 4/2
    • 'Jeep 2000'
    • Audi 135
    • Miata 99-05
    • Honda D17 (12+1)
    • Taking requests...
  • Open loop idle control (PWM and Stepper)
    • Experimental closed loop PWM idle control
  • Open loop boost control
  • Open loop VVT control
  • Deceleration fuel cut off (DFCO)
  • Launch control
  • O2 based autotune (Registered version of TunerStudio required)