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By Slydit
just cranked the 1600 mx5 for the first time. no2c board batch fire with (360cc?) injectors...
ive downloaded the 202005 firmware and base tune but its idling at 11:1 at 8% VE and i cant get it any leaner. if i go 7% the engine stalls out... im running 2 squirts per cycle wasted spark....
any ideas why i cant get it any leaner?
the injectors are mazda gtx injectors and ive seen flow numbers from 330cc to 430cc so who knows.) cant find any dead time numbers for them either so just used 1.0...
maybe go to 1 squirt [er cycle??

also my idle valve doesnt appear to work... is there any way to test it/ ramp it up to try and get it to move the rpm manually?
oh also the base map didnt have any injector close timing at all so i put in 350 accross the rpm range? i sthat correct?
Halve the required fuel, and double the ve. One is just a multiplier of the other. So your ve for that cell, would become 16. then you can reduce in smaller amounts. :)
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