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By 2smokeR
So I want to use a speeduino to get spark control on my 2stroke 1 cil engine . It's expensive AF so I want to build my own , I want to utilise a cbr coil pack and use any sort of arudino board to control ignition advance. The thing is I want it to be rpm based and I can't use a TPS ,no where to mount it (cable operated slide carb...) . So could a speeduino be made to run an COP ignition up to 12k rpm and and not have a TPS sensor ? If yes I am getting to it by next week ....
Answer is yes.

Just have the TPS input help to ground with a resistor so it never moves

Then you just fill in the lowest row in the timing table.

Job done

I assume you have a supported trigger pattern?
By runesm
Usually you do timing by map sensor, it doesnt look at tps then.

But you can as stated use only rpm signal. No need to ground any signals if you lack the resistor to do so, just fill the vertical rows with the same timing number.
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