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By bikewrench
Getting ready to assemble my first speeduino. I ordered a v0.4.3c kit with all the components. After comparing the components I got with the kit to the BOM, I noticed some resistor value differences.

R9,R12,R15,R18 are listed as 680 ohm, I received 2K ohm's in the kit

R26,R28,R33,R34 are listed as 2.49K, I received the same 2K's. However, the kit did come with 2.49K's for R1,R3,R61.

So should I use the ones that came with the kit or try to order the values listed in the BOM.

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By turboedge
Hi Chris,

Your parts are good, hundreds of boards have been assembled with those values. High-precision 2.49k ohm resistors are sent were the values are most critical (1k and 3.9k also). The other 680 ohm and 2.49k ohm locations are not critical at all, they are current limiters for LEDs, and it's kinda odd that they are different to be honest. Originally they were all 680 ohms, but the values where raised on some due to an issue that the lower value was causing, but not others for no good reason than they just weren't. The kits that I sell differ in a few different ways other than the one that you have noticed, but they will stand up very well against any other kit when all is said and done. In some ways better, with precision resistors and ignition drivers that are able to handle higher voltages before failing.

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