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Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
By newspeedsmith
Hi Friends,

my Name is Benjamin and in real life I am an engineer. For my Hobby I try to convert a small V-Twin to EFI.

I have choosen a BMW 12141435350 cam sensor, respectively the pendant 3049081 from Q1-Part.

Ist a hall sensor with short cable.

For testing I pulled off the connectors rubber boot. The wire Colors are red, black and White. So I assumed Vcc, GND and Signal.

Supplied with 5...12V with a lab power supply and with a steel gear in front of the sensors face, I get a nice squarewave on the oscilloscope (Fluke PM97).

Unfortunately the voltage is only ~0V to 0,55V and not dependent on Vcc. No 10:1 divider used on the scope and Voltmeter Shows the same 0,55V.

Why does it not go up to 5V, or Vcc.

Pullup and pulldowns in 0k5...10k range were tested with no effect.

Might the metal insert inside the mounting holt be another GND?

Any ideas welcome!

Thanks in advance.

By dazq
I use the BMW hall sensors too. See the picture for the pinnout of the type I use.
I select the STD hall pull-ups on the speeduino board for correct operation, no need for extra components.
Screenshot_20200722-092143.png (724.99 KiB) Viewed 665 times
Hi dazq,

thank you for your Reply. It was a great help.

Sometimes you are too confident having the right solution.

Usually the red wire is Vcc, black is ground, green/yellow is PE and so on.

But not in this case.

I tried out with very low voltage and found the following colorcode for this specific sensor:

red Vcc
black Signal
White ground.

As the speeduino is using 1k pullup resistors, I tried to do so and recieved a square wave switching from ground to ~Vcc.

Works totally fine with +5V.

At the mating connector i changed this Code to

orange 5V from speeduino
White Signal
black ground

which is only my preferred colorcode. For example Vbatt would be red.

Thanks again for making me have a closer look and rethink the Colors.

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