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By 2smokeR
Hello guys. I am new to the whole Arduino thing , and especially to the speeduino. I do have some electrotechnical knowledge and I know my way around computers , so I want to make an "Ecu" but I need it to only control ignition, and I want it to be rpm based spark control , as the bike is carbee , and I don't need fancy ignition maps with throttle input. I would use a car or bike coil for it (Coil Over Plug) , either 2 or 3 wire depending what you guys think is better ...

What I need from you guys is advice on what to use ... I know I need a sensor to catch the rpm and the position of the crankshaft (and I'm thinking of using both the positive and negative signal so it could "see" the position better ) . It's a 70cc single cil engine , and it will be spinning at around 11-12k rpm...
Is there anything else I would need ? Will it be easy, or will I be fighting windmills the entire way ? If I forgot to mention something important, go right ahead and school me on it ... If it works out , I could use the Ecu on all my mopeds and 2smokes ... šŸ˜±
By wt29
Having a bit of a guess here but Speeduino should do that out of the box. There are also many, much more qualified people on this board.

Assuming you have had a look at the code and TunerStudio, you would set the fueling algorithm to "TPS" - assuming you don't have a Throttle Position Sensor, the "Ignition Load" would just be on one line where you could set your advance for each of the 16 available bucket. As you said, you are going to need a CAS (Crank Angle Sensor) as the Speedy requires that to determine TDC and hence the ignition timing. The CAS sensor also provides the RPM feed.

I have a 125cc 4 Stroke which has factory injection but no CAM sensor so it injects and ignites on every revolution - same as a 2 stroke - its factory fueling/ignition timing relies on simple TPS with some adjustments for IAT, BARO and CLT (Coolant - its liquid cooled).

My Speedy is equipped with a BOSCH BIP373 which drives an ordinary "dumb" coil so no substantial mods to the ignition system but the ECU will drive most COPS. I also had, for a while, a GM LS1 coil with its built it ignitor circuits - it produced a fat spark but there would be heaps of choices for coils.
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