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By dvjcodec
SCG-ECU 2.0 - work in progress !!!
New design + many new features. Mainboard with Teensy 3.5 (like before) + expansion shield.
Mainboard features:
- 2x O2 sensot input (narrow band)
- TPS input
- coolant sensor input
- oil sensor input
- clutch switch input (launch controll)
- external map sensor input
- 4x active coils output
- 4x injectors output
- 8x 3A PWM outputs (boost, idle, fan, fuel pump, VVT, etc.)
- AEC-Q100 compilant
- two 5V linear regulatora (internal logic and external for sensors)
- 3V3 linear regulator
- reverse polarity protection
- new Infineon drivers for injectors and other PWM outs (designed special for automotive)
- 2x VR or hall sensor input
- stepper driver
Expansion shield features:
- 4x active coils output (now we have 8 outs sequential)
- 4x injectors output (now we have 8 outs sequential)
- proto area
- 2x WBO2 inputs (two wideband oxygen) with 2 additional cooprocesors and LCD inputs to see live data from WBO2
- 2x VR or hall sensor input (now we have 4 speed inputs)

2x WBO2 based on opensource SLC2
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By dvjcodec
I was looking for solution for WBO2, better injector driving and modular build who gived posibility for fast hardware upgrade without nececery purchase new ecu. Now I have 2 engines to swap. One is M111 2.3 kompressor MB engine, 2nd one is M112 2,4 V6 MB too. My friend, who work with EMU ecu's, want to start work with my ecu's.
Mainboard project completed. Now start design expansion's.
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