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By zoidberg
I have wired nearly everything but i am unsure, there is a cam sensor input and a crank sensor input.
I only have one from my modified distributor, which is a missing tooth cam sensor.
Where should it be connected to? Cam or crank input?

The wiki doesn't tell that (at least as far as i know)

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Alternative naming of the inputs could be "Primary" and "Cycle", or "Crankshaft Angle" and "Cycle". Whatever signal determines the crankshaft angle or timing, put that in the crank/VR1+/RPM1/etc position. That would include your basic distributor signal. If you then also have a cycle signal ("cam" signal), then that would go into the cam/VR2+/RPM2/etc position. Hope that helps.

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By zoidberg
ah ok yea i soldered it to pin 25
I will see if it works as soon as i have my magnet holder for my distributor.
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