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For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
Hi there! this is the first time i will try on speeduino, i have any experience on speeduino really, just i chpiped a lot of oem honda ecus and working with these for years, ive been looking speeduino and this year i decided to start with it, i have very low electronic experience really so i was thinking in to make a PCB for OBD1 honda ecu that fits in the OEM case and using OEM OBD1 pin connector. this is really hard, never used an PCB software tool for design a PCB so im learning even how to make some holes in the board :lol: .

So as first time , after to see this thread:

Thanks to evo_lucian for info! so my first goal will be to make a Speeduino board with PCB size and Honda header connector.

Attached just a first picture of the begin of the project :D still trying to learn use easyeda :mrgreen:

Comienzo diseño.jpg
Comienzo diseño.jpg (22.91 KiB) Viewed 599 times
Hi and welcome.
May I suggest you look at using kicad to design your PCB.
There have been a few designs made using kicad so it would be easy for you to import the schematic into your project to save you the time of redrawing from the beginning.
The no2c board is a good example that you could base your new board schematic from.
Hi, thanks for your reply, i see that software but idk how hard is to use it, so far easyead is to hard for someone who never used this kind of softwares, i used a lot solidworks and sometimes use it for some prototypes i fabricate but is kind hard to me.

Tried to import a PCB from this ... 52bqwPtMw=

looks like easyeda doesnt accept EPW format. just had to design it. Im still trying to understand how to "round" the edges :oops: .

DOes anyone confirm attached is the correct shemantic for 0.4 board? i got a blank 0.4.3c , not sure if it will be same as shemantic i attached.

P.S I readed about NO2C still trying to understand what is it? it's Mega arduino board, does it? just smaller?
schematic v0.4.3_schem.png
schematic v0.4.3_schem.png (1.58 MiB) Viewed 593 times
Comienzo diseño 1.jpg
Comienzo diseño 1.jpg (38.38 KiB) Viewed 593 times
Good progress man. I would use kicad as suggested and just piggy back on the designs done by others. I designed an adpater board that work on the obd1 honda, using easyeda. By far it's the easiest software to use IMO.

The NO2C is just another varient of the speeduino boards. It about the same size as the Arduino mega.

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