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By Toysoldier
Moin Moin :D
My name is Stefan, im from nothern germany and i am special :lol:

I saw speeduino one month ago, arduinos came in my life with 3d printing one year ago and then i saw the ECU for me.

Special, open source aaaaaannd cheap :D

my maingoal is to give my boosted Nissan 200SX S13 a fresh overhaul and remap with speeduino.

But mapping myself and setting up the system is nem to me but hacking and trying is the way to go for me.

So i decided to try it first with my old Aerox scooter.

I created a 24-1 triggerwheel that fit on my alternator. The Wheel gehts lasercut.

Throtlebody comes from a Yamaha YZF R125 with TPS, IAT and MAP Sensor

Adapter from Throttlebody to membranblock i mill myself on my CNC

I search for a cheap bosch wideband for AFR control.

R8 Ignitioncoils are lying around here.

All in all this project can only be called stupid and useless buts for me to get started in the EFI Buisness. Better blowing up my cheap minarelli engine than an a forged CA18DET :mrgreen:

Todays first project is garagecleaning.

pics comming soon. I hope my Speduino parts come soon.

i ordered everything at digikey for 2 Speeduinos. One for Scoot, one for 200SX

Wish me luck :D
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