For discussion of Speeduino compatible boards designed / built by other members of the forum and for guidance around making such a board
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By My.Yeremenko
I want to replace the standard coils, but do not remove the housing of wires, there is a resistor to ground. Need to remove a resistor? I can use the positive wire without changes for
Vag coils? Thank you for what you are doing, for all of us))
By filipesbp
Hi all,

I have a Speeduino v0.4.3 board on an 6Cyl engine in semi-sequential mode with big injectors, which give me a very bad idle.

Since Pazi88 have sequential with the mega my idea is to get sequential injection for better idle, can I get some information please:

[*] Which pins are been used for the aditional outputs (Inj_5 and Inj_6)?
[*] For sequential it is necessary to add CAM sensor right?
By pazi88
Inj5 is D12 and inj6 is D50 in these designs. If you add injector drivers to those outputs on your own board, you can use the BMW PnP board selection in TS to acheive 6-cyl sequential injection.
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