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By Koen
Hi all,

My name is Koen from the Netherlands. Currently daily driving a Subaru Justy G3X with stock M15A engine, no VVT.

As preparation for some interesting modifications I have to get full control over the engine.
In the past I did some other mod's with Adaptronic ECU's, hopefully the knowledge is still in there!!

In the previous month I had a V0.3 circuit board made and fast delivered by eurocircuits.com.
The BOM got delivered super fast by Digikey and now I have a fully assembled V0.3 Speeduino board.

Next step was testing with TunerStudio. With the hardware testing I got the ignitors firing but the injectors did not. Luckily after adding the 12V power supply they did work.

After that I started "fighting" with Ardu-Stim and this evening I finally got it running. Fixed RPM shows Engine running in TS at the same value.

Now next step would be installing the Speeduino in the car and check if the sensors etc. give logic values. I used the workshop manual average values to calibrate them.

I have one big question left about the crank and cam trigger pattern. On the website of MAXXECU they show the trigger wheels and corresponding timing patterns.
They look almost similar to the Maza 36-2-2-2 pattern, but not exactly.

I hope you guys can give me advice on this one. Maybe implement the exact pattern as M15A engine (with and without VVT should be the same).
I didn't dive into the chapter of adding trigger patterns yet. Feels like a big challenge to do so!! :D

Great, I might buy one now

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