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Anything not specifically related to the Speeduino hardware. Eg sensors, bluetooth, displays etc
By alessandromeyer
Sorry I should've been more explicit: Why or rather how do others ground their shield? I would not have expected it to go to the ECU since I would expect it to induce noise.
By theonewithin
Shield grounded at ECU.

That's the normal place to do it....

Where would it get noise?

Pick 1 pin for sensor ground. All others go to a good ground. Put shield on not sensor ground
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alessandromeyer wrote:
Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:36 am
So since I still struggle with my signal from the crank sensor (hall) i'd like to try twisting the wires. Can someone help me with how this should be done. Is it twisting just v- + signal wire? Or twist all three so includng v+?
You have the option to incrementally test methods. First is to find the noise source and eliminate or avoid it. Problem solved.

If no joy, next twist all 3 wires, with connections as already stated by @theonewithin, and test. Industry standard is one full turn per inch (25mm). I chuck the wires into a drill motor and twist a little tighter, so it relaxes to the spec in my hands. Once connected on each end it will hold the twist.

If no joy, add the shielding, and test. Somewhere along the way you will either find the cause and fix it, or a solution to its effects.
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